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Author Emily Del Rosario is the author of the Star trilogy and two other books. She takes readers through unforgettable adventures with remarkable characters.

In A Widow’s Egyptian Adventure, a young woman loses her husband. After a year of sitting alone in her room and crying, she decides even though she has never been anywhere alone that she will visit the land of her dreams – Egypt!

Little did she know what she would find when she arrives there. Friendship, adventure and romance!

The first in the trilogy, Star’s Gift follows an infant girl who is born during the “Spring Equinox.” As the years went by she began to notice that she was different from the other children in school. Her father hid the truth from her thinking she was too young to know she had the power of premonition. Her father also told Star, never to go into the attic in their home.

As a teen, Star also had her own secrets, she kept from her father. The biggest secret was when she falls in love. She hides that fact from everyone except her best friend Marie Ann.

Star’s Return is a paranormal love story for young adults.

Now that Star and Rudy are happily married, they travel to the Yucatan, in Mexico, for their honeymoon.

This second book deals with Star and Rudy’s adventures in Mexico. While visiting Rudy’s grandfather, in Mexico. Star has to deal with her premonitions in a strange country.

Star’s Visions concludes the Star trilogy.

Star Linarez and her new husband, Rudy, return to California from their honeymoon vacation. Because of her special gift, Star struggles with dreams and visions. She also faces a supernatural entity.

In this last story, you will encounter romance, mystery, and drama.

Delve into the pages of Star’s Visions.

The Compromised Land is a book by Dr. John Reyna Tapia PHD and translated by Emily Del Rosario Vansant.

A compilation of short stories concerned with Mexican life around the turn of the century. The themes reflect the Hispanic tradition and its continuity of values and origins. This volume contains stories about buried treasure, ghosts, the devil, the astuteness of the peasant farmer, fables of extraordinary feats by the Indian, and the legalistic mind of the “borrachito” or drunkard. The central theme of the volume is that of the immigrant who crosses the border from Mexico to the United States in search of work and a better way of life. The immigrant who, although remains forever in a world of new customs and languages, wishes to retain his sense of pride, personal and ancestral values ,passing them on to successive generations. This book is of significance to all Spanish speaking people in the United States. This collection will also be found in courses dealing with Spanish American literature.